When was the last time you changed your Orlando web design? When was the last time you looked at the backend to make sure everything is optimized? Now that even New York City is on lockdown and people are at home glued on the internet, you can check what web design elements your site might have missed.

Because you’re too busy with work and operating your small business, you might have overlooked the needs of your website. That’s okay. You might have missed the opportunity to close deals and attract customers, but that’s all water under the bridge now. You have the time to do what’s right for your Orlando web design now. This is the perfect time to make a review of what you’re missing out on.

Fortunately for you, web design companies are one of those that can continue even with this outbreak. The virus is not on the internet. In fact, the only thing that’s working right now is your internet, so make good use of it.

Visit Your Site

It’s funny to think that we have to remind you to visit your site. But come to think of it, when was the last time you actually visited the site just to take a look and not to anything else? Open it and view it from the perspective of a new customer. What’s on the homepage? Do you find it interesting? Do you know what to do afterward? Can you get to the inside pages easily? Does it load slow or fast?

Write down every single thing you noticed—good or bad—about your interaction with the website. Once you’re finished browsing the site, go back to your list and think about the elements you want to change and maintain. Give that list to your web designers and have them start on the modifications.

Write New Content

While your web designer is recreating your website’s design, you should focus on writing new content for the website. You might be only updating your social media profiles with posts, images, and videos. That will not work now that everyone’s on the internet. People are looking for fresh content. This is the time to get your work noticed. Publish relevant blog articles and share them on social media. Your Orlando web design shouldn’t be the only one updated about your site. It needs fresh and relevant content, too.