We have seen the coronavirus upend our lives, but there’s another thing we haven’t noticed. e-Commerce turned our lives upside down, too, we just didn’t know it because it was done so subtly and slowly; almost as if the transition never happened. When was the first time you ordered from an online store? Which online store was your first purchase from? It’s hard to imagine that Orlando web design has gone a long way since those early days.

But the challenge to e-commerce is as high as it has ever been. The challenge is to make sure that your e-commerce business is optimized for mobile devices. Seeing as the majority of the consumers are browsing the internet through their mobile devices—smartphones and tablets—is it any wonder that they are also making purchases through their phones?

How times have changed. The way people access the internet has changed. The way they shopped even during the holiday season has changed, partly because of Covid-19 and partly because online shopping is just so convenient. Nobody can deny that fact.


What makes a responsive Orlando web design? It is self-explanatory. When a website is responsive, it means that can visually adjust to the screen size and shape of the screen where it is being viewed. Imagine browsing a website but the edges keep on bleeding on the side of your mobile device. How are you going to see the product as a whole when you can’t even figure out how to browse the web page in peace?

Far too many web developers, web designers, and even business owners are too focused on how the website looks that they forget about how it functions. Responsiveness is part of the function of a website. Without it, websites will fail to attract their audience and make a mark on an increasingly demanding and vulnerable market.


How can a website be intuitive? When the cursor hovers above the product image, the website should zoom in on the image. This will allow the web user to see more of the details of the product. It’s the same principle that should be applied to mobile-responsive websites. Moving around the website should be easy for web users. The website should guide them in finding the information that they need.

Make sure to hire a talented Orlando web design company that has the experience and professionalism a business needs to create and execute a responsive and intuitive e-commerce business.