They’re cute. They’re colorful. They come in many sizes and shapes. What are they? Well, on Orlando web design, what we’re describing are social media share buttons. The choice on how to design and style these buttons are as diverse as the cans of paint you see at Home Depot. The possibilities are endless and yet, people can’t figure out the best way to use these social media share buttons.

Top of the Post

The most popular placement of these buttons is at the top of every blog post or article. The question in everyone’s mind, however, is this: “Are people going to share something they haven’t read yet?” If you are going to put the social media buttons on top of the post, that means people have only glanced at the headline before reading the post.

Bottom of the Post

Another popular strategy is putting the social media share button at the bottom of the blog post. This way, web users can share the link to the article after they have finished reading it. This shows that your audience went as far as reading the whole blog article. Make sure these buttons are pretty large if you’re going to place them at the bottom. The problem is that these buttons can be overshadowed by reviews, related posts, and comments. They could be lost in the crowd.

Middle of the Post

Some web designers choose the middle of the post. They post it particularly after a great statement in the article or after a certain graph or pie that illustrates the main problem being talked about. The middle portion of the article is also when a web visitor agrees or not to what he’s reading. If a certain portion of the argument excited readers too much, they may want to share the article on their social media. That’s what putting the buttons on the middle part of the post is for.

Floating Bars

It can be in a vertical or horizontal position (though vertical orientation seems to be the more popular choice). It moves with the scroll bar. At any point in time that the readers want to share the post, they can do so using the social media share buttons on the floating bar.

You can mix and match a combination of these choices. You don’t have to stick to one orientation. Do what’s best for your Orlando web design so your customers will have a great immersive experience on your site.