The COVID-19 pandemic pushed people to shelter in place, which means there are less going out and more spending time on social media. In the past year, we’ve seen companies and personalities canceled. We’ve seen companies have their stocks boosted because of a good campaign. Organizations took sides, whether in the social or political strata. There is no shortage of controversy on the internet, which makes some businesses think if their Orlando web design should represent the causes they believe in.

Along those same lines, you might also start to question whether businesses should show biases, too. Should they start supporting companies and organizations that fit the goals of the company? Should they be vocal about these causes? Will that cause them to lose or gain customers? Are they willing to take the risk?

Many brick-and-mortar stores have turned to e-commerce. When they did, they took their advocacies with them. Web designers were up to the task, creating websites that show the diversity of their advocacies. Aside from focusing on the products and services that these organizations offer, they are also designing the site around the ideologies and advocacies of their clients.

The most popular advocacy for organizations is environmental sustainability. People want to know that as a brand, you are trying to protect the environment. They want to be sure that when they support your brand, their money is not contributing to the further degradation of the environment. In their own small ways, this is their understanding of trying to help nature. The less they support companies that are environmentally bad, the less they contribute to climate change and global warming.

Websites will show more of these causes this 2021. There has already been a spike in the use of images that resonates with a movement, social, environmental, political, or otherwise. More brands are rallying around causes and they are connecting more with their audience by doing this.

Brands and customers are going to more discerning this 2021. Their Orlando web design will reflect the causes they believe in. They will be heavily involved in certain social issues, as well as in the community. They will want their advertising and marketing materials to reflect real and diverse customers. Diversity and inclusivity, in particular, are going to be big this year.

Bringing awareness about social causes will never be an easy thing to work around with. However, web designers are ingenious and creative enough that they almost always find a way to make what could be a controversial move into a necessary strategy.