The goal of every website is to direct users to convert. No matter what strategy—SEO, PPC, and social media marketing—marketers use, the goal remains to be the same. The website wants people to convert. They want to turn ordinary web visitors into loyal customers. To do that, marketers and web designers have to create a landing page that conforms to the Orlando web design that web visitors want to see. This refers to the alignment of the message to the ad they just clicked.

A landing page is a standalone web page. It is separate from the main website and its web pages. A landing page cannot be accessed through the main website although it shares the same Orlando web design. Web visitors will land on this page when they clicked on a link they found through pay-per-click advertising or on social media. There is no other way to land on this page but through the links associated with them.

Here are the four principles that a landing page must follow:


When web visitors reached a landing page, it’s because they click on an ad that resonates with them. You have to make sure that the landing page conforms to the message on the ad. What does the ad say? What does it refer to? They landed on that page because of a specific search query. Make sure that your page satisfies user intent. This means that web visitors must find on your page what they sought in their search query.


Your landing page should only have one call-to-action. This will keep the web visitors focused on this CTA. The worst thing that web designers do is link the landing page through five different call-to-action buttons. Many marketers or website owners do this because they want to maximize the opportunity of having a web visitor on the landing page. What this does, however, is confused the web visitors.

You want to make the landing page as easy to understand as possible. This means using just one CTA to encourage web visitors to take a single action. Putting more than one CTA button on the page will confuse the web visitors.

Visual Design

Make sure that the landing page has a good visual design. You want it to be as appealing as possible to your web visitors. This is the only way you will keep people on your landing page—for the design to be appealing and compelling. Some examples of good visuals are plenty of white space around the text, consistent branding, attractive graphics and images, and CTA that pops off the page.

Unique Selling Points

You need to act quickly the moment your web visitors land on your page. You have to tell them what makes your company different and why they should buy your products and services. This is the information that they need from you. It is not just about your Orlando web design. It’s about how you sell your company to your web visitors, too.