January 2021 is not over yet, so you have time to update your website with new Orlando web design. There are so many changes last year that it’s hard to imagine 2021 will be any different. But it is different because businesses have to transform themselves into what the market demands. So, what kind of web design are we to expect this 2021? How will these change the face of digital marketing?

You can give your website a more credible look by applying new trends in the web design department. Here’s a statistic for you: more than 48% of web users said that good web design is one of the factors why they will stay on a website to browse through their offers. Poor-designed websites are a no-no for them.

Dark Mode

The dark mode is a crowd-pleaser; so much so that app developers started using it for their own apps. Google Chrome already has a dark mode, as well as other Microsoft products. The clean and almost ethereal look of the dark mode is an attraction to many. Twitter, for example, uses dark mode effectively. This type of design makes the content on your pages stand out. Whether it’s text or photos, they’ll surely be more attractive with a dark mode.


For so long, web design pundits demonized the use of motion on websites. Whether they use too much bandwidth or make the page slow to load, they compiled several reasons why motion should be eliminated from the screen. But it will make a comeback this year (or has it made a comeback in the past couple of years?). They keep your audience entertained as they wait for the page to load. Little tweaks of motion are all you need to make a site more engaging and entertaining. Remember that web users still want your page to load in under two seconds.

White Space

The use of white space will still be the most important Orlando web design trend. Designs should be more than about the content. It should be about what’s left there after you take the content out. White space allows the page to breathe. It’s an important characteristic that web users surreptitiously find appealing.


The gradual blending of different colors makes any web page look artistic. It creates depth and communicates more meaning. Make sure to use your brand’s colors so as not to confuse your audience. When choosing what brand color to highlight, a gradient can save the day because it can incorporate several colors into one element.