When you start putting your Tampa web design together, one of the most common misconceptions that plenty of first-timers have is the idea that the website design is only completed when you, the designer, are happy with it. You should know that the person who determines the success of a site’s design isn’t the designer or even the client.

It’s the users themselves who will show you if your website design is a success or not. Because of the importance of their role to a website and its design, you have to be wary of accidentally implementing features that your target audience will not take kindly to. Here are some common Tampa web design mistakes that users hate and you need to stay away from to help guarantee the success of your website and its design.

Confusing navigation

Navigation is one of the most important parts of a good website’s design, so you have to make sure that you design this properly. Plenty of website owners think that in order to appeal to a modern audience, they have to make their designs as clever as possible, which eventually ends up being difficult to navigate for the users.

This only serves to frustrate the user, causing them to bounce out of your website. The user’s experience is a huge part of any good website design, so make sure that you take the time to brush up on the essentials of good website navigation.

Cluttered design

Your users will form an opinion on your website and its design within seconds of seeing your website for the very first time. In those few seconds, they will decide if they will proceed with using your website for their needs, or if they decide to go elsewhere for their needs.

If your website makes use of very little white space, and you end up cluttering your website with as much content as you can cram in there, then there is a good chance that they will end up going somewhere else for their needs. Make sure that you understand the importance of white space and use it properly for your website needs.

Complicated forms

If your Tampa web design makes use of forms to collect information for your users’ orders or accounts, you have to make the information input process as straightforward as possible so that they don’t end up getting frustrated. One of the most common consequences of a complicated form process is cart abandonment, which can end up costing you conversions. Make sure to test your website form to make sure that it is designed to be as straightforward as possible for your users.