Experienced veterans in the industry can tell you that a visually pleasing Lakeland web design done for your business website is not a guarantee that your site traffic will rise or your customer base will grow. An aesthetically appealing site is great for the visual aspect of your site, but you need to focus on other things to make sure that your website can be found by your target audience.

To do this, what you’re going to need is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This refers to a variety of techniques which can help websites rank better on search engines. Proper SEO use is essential as abusing the system can get your website penalized and even removed from search engines for repeat offenders. Learn the proper way to make your Lakeland web design more SEO-friendly with these tips.

Make your images SEO-friendly

You may not know this, but images can be a great way to boost your site’s SEO, especially when done properly. One of the ways to make sure that these are optimized for SEO includes making the file size as small as possible to avoid slower site load speeds.

Other methods to boost SEO-friendly images include incorporating keywords into image alt-text for site crawlers to read and rank your site. However, avoid putting your site’s written content as an image, as images cannot be read by website crawlers, so this will not help your site’s ranking.


Keywords are one of the most important parts of achieving an SEO-friendly Lakeland web design. These are words or phrases that are strategically placed within your site and are related to your site’s niche. Site crawlers read these words or phrases to help determine your site’s rank on search engines. These keywords are usually placed in tags, metadata, images, text, and other HTML information.

Responsive web design

To maximize your site’s conversions, responsive web design or mobile-responsiveness is a must for your Lakeland web design. Always keep in mind that mobile users make up more than half of online users today, which is a very significant demographic that you should be targeting. If your website cannot be adapted to mobile platforms, users will be less inclined to choose your site over competitors with mobile-friendly websites.

Website optimiziation

Not only should your Lakeland web design be mobile-responsive, but your site should also be optimized to make sure that it meets SEO requirements. Some of the ways to achieve this include reducing file sizes of website elements and doing away with Flash and other features that will end up slowing down your site’s load time.