Lakeland web designOne of the most vital things about Lakeland web design is the call to action button. Without this, it is more likely that you won’t make a profit out of your web design. Even if you put in coupons and discounts on your website, your visitors won’t know what to do with them unless you say it through a call to action button.Basically, a call to action button or CTA is an instruction for the visitors to provoke an immediate response. It usually uses an imperative verb such as “call now,” “find out more,” “check it out,” “visit us,” or “order now.” You’re in the business of making money, right? In order to make money, you need to generate leads. To generate leads, you need to tell people how to proceed to purchase or subscribe to your products or services.

There are many different ways to put a CTA on your website—through buttons, forms, signups, “read more,” “try it now,” widgets, and “online chat.” Web designers need to be supremely creative to entice visitors to take a specific action that will benefit the business owner, in the end. You need to be as compelling and persuasive as possible into making your CTA.

Aside from being persuasive and creative, your CTA should also stand out, which is why it always has bold colors, large fonts and smacked right on the middle of the web page. As a business owner, you want the visitors to see the CTA the moment he opens the page. That’s why the placement of the site is very essential.

For example, if you’re using a white background for your website, make sure that your CTA will use an eye-popping color like red or orange. It needs to attract the visitors as soon as possible. It needs to contrast with the white of the page’s background.

You may think it’s common sense for designers to use a bright color for a site’s CTA. Sadly, that is not always the case. Notice that the subscribe button is always grayed out? The reason is that many designers thought this was not an actual CTA. In fact, this is one of the most useful CTA out there.

The subscribe button allows you to reach out to your customers, offer them new products, let them know about exciting promos, and update them about upcoming events.

So, remember, your website needs to be appealing. That will do half the job already, with the other half actually using words to entice the visitors to do what the CTA on the Lakeland web design is asking.