Do you often get a high cart abandonment rate? Are your customers adding items to their shopping carts but closing the browser without checking out the items? What could possibly be going wrong in that scenario? What’s causing your customers to abandon their carts? Does it have anything to do with your Lakeland website design?

Yes, it has everything to do with web design. People who usually find it hard to check out the items from the cart will abandon it out of annoyance. If they can’t find where to go or if they are being required to sign in before they can check out the items, those are reasons enough for them to leave the items they put in the cart.


Complexity in the Lakeland website design is a no-no. Web visitors and consumers have a short attention span. They will abandon the cart if it’s too time-consuming for them to check out the items. They will also likely leave the items if they are being required to provide too much information about themselves. When designing the checkout process, make sure that it is as quick and easy as possible.

Lack of Trust

If the customers feel that your site can’t be trusted with their credit card information, they will likely abandon the cart, too. More, they may not visit the site again. How can you solve this issue? You have to build a strong brand. You need to prove to your customers that you can be trusted. Invest in secure payment platforms. Make sure you have the safety and privacy measures in place.

High Shipping Costs

Outside the design of the website, the one thing that puts off customers is the high cost of shipping. They will immediately abandon their carts if they feel the shipping fee isn’t right. You can offer free shipping promos and free shipping for when customers reach a minimum required amount.


Many customers are adding items to the cart just to know how much the total of the items they want. They never had the intention of buying the stuff. They are window shopping. They are browsing through the items. How can you persuade them to buy? You can offer exclusive and limited-time offers. Also, create an urgency. Make sure they know what they are missing out on by not buying the items.

Technical Problems

This does not always happen but when it does, it can be super annoying to the buyers. By checking your backend regularly, you will be able to identify potential problems. So, make sure to check any technical issues that might arise, as well as Lakeland website design inconsistencies that can impact your bottom line.