Technically speaking, a landing page is a distinct page on your Lakeland web design that has one business goal in mind: to convert. It is developed and written to convert casual visitors into clients or customers. It is facilitated to complete one objective and that is to increase the conversion rate of the website. Websites with less than 10 landing pages have lower conversion rates while websites with 40 landing pages can increase their conversion rate by as much as 500%.

In the world of online marketing, landing pages should be free of ads and even the navigation bar. The web visitor should be completely focused on the idea and message that you are selling. There should be no distractions on the landing page that will take away the attention of the web visitors from the central message. Some websites will even use the most minimal of words and graphics to emphasize its core message.

So, why do you need a landing page and what does it do for your website?

Positive Advertising

Google and Facebook love landing pages. You can always convert casual web visitors into Facebook followers by putting a share button on the landing page. This way, they can learn more about your offers in a kind of social-media-way that we’ve grown to be accustomed in the past decade. Not only does a landing page refocuses a user’s attention on the business message, but it also leads them to an advertisement on Google or Facebook.

Lead Generation

A landing page does not always need to convert to sales and profit. Sometimes, all it needs is to generate enough traffic for a website and to get a user’s email address so the business can send content that aims to promote its products and services. You can incentivize those who’ll provide their email addresses with a copy of an ebook, an online course, a journal article, and even coupons that they can use to purchase items from your business.

Free Trial

Sometimes, it can be as simple as this: when the web visitors arrived on your landing page, you need to offer them a free trial of your product or service. Many would take you up on your offer. If you are confident about your product and service, you should not have any problem converting these trials into an actual business.

Product Page

Your landing page can also be any specific product on your lineup. The landing page aims to highlight the features of the product and to persuade the customer to purchase the item. If you want to be a successful e-commerce website, you should have a separate landing page for each of your products on the Lakeland web design.