As a website owner, you want one thing: you want web visitors to stay longer on your site as much as you want them to take action. Staying longer on your site is the first step to them taking action. Few web visitors buy or subscribe to a digital newsletter after spending 10 seconds on a website. At the very least, they want to navigate the Lakeland web design and find out what they can about the company first. Once they are convinced, that’s when they will heed the call to action.

So, how do you make them stay? Through short and informative videos. It is very important to emphasize that only short and informative videos are effective in making people want to stay on your website. The longer your videos are, the less likely they’ll finish them and find out what you want them to do.

Research showed that short and informative videos have the power to make people want to stay longer on the site, much more than text and images. While blogging is still important, video is the new media tool that manipulates the data better to your favor. This means that you have more opportunities to convince web visitors to do what you’re asking them to do.

The Power of Videos

Most of the time, it takes a while before a web visitor gets so comfortable in their browsing of your site to actually do something out of it. But when you put an engaging video there, people will stay longer 60% of the time. Imagine a website without videos. You’ll open the website, read snippets of the blogs you find, look at some photos, and exit because they were not enough to convince you to do something with the information you find.

A video is more powerful. A one-minute video has more to tell than a blog of 1000 words. That’s how powerful images are. By harnessing this power on your Lakeland web design, you are in a position to make that sale or to persuade web visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or YouTube channel. You can make visitors do what you want them to do by putting engaging content on your website.

So, the next time you wonder why your website isn’t making people want to stay there, look at the content you have. Put some oomph on your Lakeland web design by adding videos that make people dwell on your site.