There used to be a time when the mere mention of popups will make web owners cringe and frown. They hated popups. They know their web visitors hated those ads, too. That was why popup ads were disabled and blockers were built. The aim of the blockers is to effectively eliminate popups from appearing on a Lakeland web design when web visitors are browsing it.

However, it has also been incredibly difficult to lead customers to where you want them to go. The popups are the answer to that predicament. Since popups can appear wherever a customer is on the website, it is the most impactful ad that a potential customer will come across on the website. This is where timing plays a crucial role. Popups have to be timed well to appear at the right time, so they can maximize that impact.

Don’t Put Popup Right After the Page Loads

The first thing that web visitors should see when they visit your site is the page and not the popup ad. That’s where some web developers and web owners fail—timing the popups. The best way to annoy web visitors is to make the popup appear on their screens the moment they open the web page. They haven’t had time to see what you’re offering and already, you are asking them to sign up for a newsletter or giving them a 10% discount? Avoid doing that, so your customers will have enough time to explore your website.

Time It Well

So, when is the best time to make the popup appear? The best time is around 15 seconds after the web page appears on their screen. They already had a few seconds to decide whether your site is worth navigating or not. That also gives them enough time to decide whether they want to know more about your company or not. The best popup for this is the one asking them to sign up to receive a newsletter or to get more information about new products and offers.

Timed popups can be scheduled to appear after 20 seconds or 30 seconds or after five-page views. Ask your web visitors to take action only after they have already navigated your website. Asking them to do something before they know what you’re about is premature.

Another time to make a popup appear in the Lakeland web design is when the web visitors are about to close the window. The exit-intent popups will try to make the visitor stay on the site. If they left items in their carts, you can offer an “exclusive” discount code. These will only appear when the visitors are about to exit your website.