Lakeland web designWe are all aware that a Lakeland web design, its structure especially, can help increase the sales of our business. But we only know the basics and never the specific. We are completely at lost how a simple web design can attract customers and hold their interest long enough for them to buy a product or subscribe to a service.The truth is, how a business’ website is designed and structured can define who the company is both as an employer and as a service provider. The personality of the business can be reflected on the website’s layout, fonts, colors and use of graphics.

For example, the website of car magazines tend to use black, gray, white and red colors. It is not too flashy when it comes to the use of colors, but it does use short videos that show how a car is being revved. It also uses song and sound clips that can be identified to popular movies about cars (Fast and the Furious, anyone?).

From the start, we know that the website is dedicated and focused on men and their obsession with cars. This is not a website for women, though there are women who love cars as well. No, websites that produce cars or talk about cars are made in such a way that men will appreciate them. There are no fancy fonts here.

But when it comes to women’s websites such as makeup products, for example (hello, Benefit and Mac), you can see the sophistication and girly elegance immediately. Either they use colors like pink, mint green and powder blue or like Mac, they create a website with classic elegance written over it–by using black and red with bold pictures of lipsticked lips and eye-popping eye shadows.

There is nothing wrong with how the websites were designed. They don’t intend to alienate the opposite gender, but they do give special focus to their target market–men for cars and women for makeup.

Unknown to many, showcasing the personalities of the companies and who they’re targets are is a successful marketing strategy. For one, it makes people stay and browse your website (men won’t surely imagine themselves browsing through a pink-themed website even if it talks about cars).

A smart Lakeland web design is all about using your audience’s demographics to generate interest for your website. It’s a foolproof way of catering to your audience’s needs and wants.