Far too many people use the word we and us that the focus of the content seems to be on the company and not the buyers. Remember that you are trying to impress the web visitors with your Lakeland web design. If you keep on focusing the content on what you want and what the company does, then what can the buyer get from that? How can they feel that you want to provide great products and services to them?

This may be a simple grammatical adjustment, but it will have a huge impact on your content and the way your target market responds to you. This simple change will affect the way customers see your business.

When you’re writing content for your business website, you want to impress your clients, right? But how can you impress them if you keep talking about what your company does and what it has achieved in the past years? Why don’t you talk about why you could be the solution to their problems? Why don’t you discuss how your business can help them?

Web owners keep on writing about “we will increase our revenue by” and “the benefits of our products include.” But what do these tell potential buyers? Although you are showcasing the many ways your business can help in their predicament, you are also separating your business from your main market. You are drawing an invisible line that shows how great you are and how much the market needs you. It’s arrogant and self-centered. It’s not going to get the point across that they can trust you. Because honestly, who trust someone or something so cocky and arrogant?

So instead of using us and we in your content, make use of more you’s and your’s. Try to show to your target market that you want to guide them through their problems. Your business has the answers to whatever issues they are facing. Through your content, tell them that you are in this together.

You can also involve your market in how you write the content of your Lakeland web design. Post some questions in your content. Ask them to answer these questions and reach out to you. Ask them what your business can do to help them. What are the kinds of products and services they want to see in the future?

Instead of using your content purely to market your business, you can make the content about them.