What is the most annoying thing about the buyer’s journey? It’s the checkout process. Many customers are turned off by a website’s checkout process, especially if it is not sensitive to the time it takes for a customer to check the items out. What do we mean by this? Your Lakeland web design should be designed with your customers in mind, especially when it comes to the carting of items and the subsequent checkout process.

Allow Checkout as Guest

While many websites do not allow customers to purchase items without signing up for a membership, you should go the other way and allow “checkout as guest.” This means that if your customers do not have the time to fill out a form, they can still check out the items as a guest of your website. What happens when you ask them to fill out a form first is they forego their plan of purchasing the items. They will abandon the cart because it was such a hassle checking them out. Or, they will plan on purchasing them later when they have more time, but they’ll forget about it.

Provide Shipping Information

Don’t wait until the last page of the checkout page to add the cost of shipping. That shock of having to pay a high shipping fee will cost a customer to close the page. Do you think they are forced to check out because they are there anyway? That may be effective to some customers, but not to all. Besides, they will not return to your online store. Thinking that they always have to pay such a huge amount of shipping fee, they will try to stay away from you as much as possible.

Offer Different Payment Methods

What payment methods are you currently offering your customers? You should allow debit and credit cards, wire transfer, cash on delivery, PayPal, and the like. The more options you have on your payment page, the more customers you will be able to attract. The worst thing about an online store is its incapacity to accept other forms of payment except for cash. This is a no-no in any online retail store.

Your Lakeland web design should work to attract customers and not to annoy them. If your checkout process is annoying to them, they won’t return to your site and they won’t recommend their family and friends. Look at it from the perspective of a customer. If it takes too long to check out an item, then you’re probably not helping your website make sales.