Lakeland, Florida Web Design firm BrightSky Web Design is proud to announce the launch of a new client “E-commerce” website project.

DBH Ministries, LLC contacted us a couple months ago and needed some immediate help on a website they had started themselves and quickly discovered they could use some professional help and guidance.

Normally when BrightSky Web Design takes on a project we design, build and implement all pieces of a project. For this project, our client had already created many of the elements and needed the site built around those while making sure they all fit properly and functioned well.

In addition to the layout and design of this site the client needed us to build the site as an E-commerce site to display and process online orders. We worked with DBH helping them chose the merchant account solution for this site. Next, we purchased and implemented the necessary online store software to make all of this work in a seamless manner.

If your company is needing help with a Lakeland Web Design project and would benefit having an E-commerce solution then contact us to see how BrightSky Web Design will build you something great.