You cannot write a blog post without researching for the right keyword. You can’t build a website without the right keywords on hand. The first step to building a definitive Lakeland SEO strategy is to find the keywords that your target audience is searching for. Once you build a list of keywords that you need to write about and incorporate into your website’s design and development, you can start waiting around for your website to rank.

But what happens if you don’t do keyword research? What happens if you failed to research properly on what keywords to use on your blog posts and website?

You Will Not Make It to Page One

Every website has one goal when it comes to Lakeland SEO: to rank on the first page of the search results. More importantly, websites want to be the first result on the first page of the results. If that’s too lofty of a goal (although no goal should be too lofty for you), at least be one of the first five results.

Not doing keyword research will lead to targeting keywords that are too difficult to rank for. For example, short-tail keywords are more difficult to rank for because of the tens of thousands of websites that are using them. It will be hard for you to rank for the keyword “dental clinic” because many websites are using that already. But if you use the keyword “dental clinic in Lakeland,” that makes it a local SEO keyword. Therefore, anyone looking for a dental clinic in Lakeland, Florida will get your URL on the results page.

You Will Rank for Keywords With Low Traffic Volume

If the keyword is too technical or jargony, you won’t get a lot of love from your target audience. If they are not used to using that keyword to refer to a search query, then your keyword isn’t going to receive the traffic it wants and needs. Even if your target audience is looking for the product/service that you’re offering, they won’t land on your website if you are using the wrong keyword to refer to that product/service.

Another thing that might happen is you could be ranking for keywords that will not push customers to buy. If you’re ranking for the keyword “best smartphones,” that does not automatically mean people are looking for your products and want to buy them. But if you’re ranking for “iPhone 11 Pro Max price,” there’s a good chance that customers intend to purchase this item from your site. If the keyword is more specific, the Lakeland SEO strategy will benefit.