Marketing a business is hard work. It’s a lot of sacrifices to think about Lakeland marketing campaigns that will bring your business to success. And although you try hard to find the right strategies for your business, we often do things that hurt the business more than we think it can.

Respond Late to Inquiries

Have you ever inquired about a product and the seller did not respond? Or if he/she did, it was already too late? You have already bought another item from another store. Even if his/her product was better, you could not buy it anymore since you’ve bought a different one. Isn’t it annoying? Why couldn’t the first seller answer your inquiry on time? Why did it take him/her a week or two to respond?

While businessmen have a lot on their plates, this is no excuse why they should be unable to answer inquiries about their products and services. The first thing that customers want to know about a business is how much the products are and what these products can do for the clients. They want to know if it’s worth their money to purchase your products or subscribe to services. If you cannot provide this information, you lose the opportunity to make a sale.

Ignore Complaints

Here’s another thing that will put your business in limbo. Ignoring complaints is the number one thing that annoys customers. You should never do this. It tells the customers that their concerns are invalid and irrelevant because they have already spent their money on your business. They will feel foolish for trusting your business. They will feel unappreciated because you can’t be bothered enough to provide them with after-sales services.

When you received complaints from your customers, make it your duty to respond immediately. Even if you don’t have official feedback about their concerns yet, make sure their complaints have been heard. This will tell them that you value what they think about the business, as well as the products and services they offer. Such attention will reward your business since many customers are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family when they were satisfied with your customer service.

Remember this rule if you want to improve your Lakeland marketing: put yourself on your customers’ shoes. Whatever offends you will offend them, too. Whatever impresses you will impress them, too. Learn how to toe the line between these two and you’ll find your business a success.