What Lakeland marketing tools are actually the right tools? Some online tools are expensive. Some are free. Some are too complex to understand. There is a myriad of online marketing tools, but how do you make the right decision?

Identify your primary goal, which is to engage clients; to reach out to them and provide them with the right information to make an informed choice. There are many alternatives available but the marketing tools that will connect you more to your clients are included in this list.

Email marketing

One of the most popular tools is InfusionSoft, which is a bit pricey at $2,000 startup fee. That price will get you automation options, high deliverability rates, and the ability to scale. You need an email marketing tool so it can send a compelling and personalized email message to your clients. Why can’t you simply send a generic-addressed email to all your clients? A customized email that uses the client’s name will feel more personal. The clients will also realize the amount of time and energy you put into creating the email’s content.

Content marketing

Buzzsumo is an inexpensive marketing tool that will connect you to trending subjects, effective headlines, and viral topic ideas. There’s a free version of the tool, but you can get it for $99 (Pro), $299 (Agency), and $999 (Enterprise). This tool will give you an idea of what to write on your blog and what kind of content your websites need.

Marketing and sales

You can check out HubSpot if you need marketing software for sales, marketing, and even content. From this tool, you can do everything that connects to your marketing strategies. You will have access to tools that will help you in analytics, blogging, SEO, website, marketing automation, email, social media, landing pages, lead management, and calls-to-action.

Project management

Trello isn’t something new to project managers. This is a great program for those who want to keep up with the many tasks in one project. This tool helps you stay on the same page as your team. You can share a blog post on Trello and make sure that your team has read this and has gotten some pointers from it before they proceed with their tasks. This program allows collaboration among teams for one project.

With these tools in hand, you have a greater chance of reaching out to your clients and finding topics that will interest them.