Mobile users tend to do two things: find information that will help them eventually make a purchase decision or make a purchase right now. Do you know that more than 50% of mobile users will purchase in an hour of browsing? Or at least, they will plan to buy an item from your store if they have been attracted and impressed by your Lakeland marketing techniques. That’s how powerful mobile users are right now for businesses. Neglect their needs and you might as well kill your business.

It doesn’t need to be said that your website has to be mobile-friendly. Mobile commerce has been on the rise since 2010 when it started as a $3 billion industry. By 2016, it’s worth $31 billion. The latest figures will almost double that.

Create Mobile-friendly Content

People are going to consume your content while they are on the go. What’s something that they need to know? What will be easy for them to digest? You don’t have to write a 1,000-word blog post about your products and its benefits. What you need is a listicle or perhaps, a short blog post about the ways your products can help solve a particular problem. You want your content to be easily understood. Think about where your customers might be reading your blog from.

Invest in an App

Sure, an app is expensive to develop. Most companies have to spend thousands of dollars to develop an app. But do you know the benefits? An app will turn customers into loyal ones. They’ll come back to your company to transact. They’ll download the app, find out it’s convenient to use and will start being loyal to your brand. An app shows a company’s willingness to invest in their customers’ convenience. You’ll be greatly rewarded by the rarest gift of all—customer loyalty.

Use Google My Business

A mobile phone is location-based. Google uses the location of a smartphone when it comes up with search results. That’s why your business should use Google My Business to its full advantage. It makes it easier both for desktop computers and mobile phones to find your business. When a prospective customer searches for a product that you offer, Google will search for companies in nearby areas.

Maximize Text Messaging

Another cool Lakeland marketing technique is to use text messaging to reach out to your customers. If they are confident enough to leave you their numbers, that means it’s okay for them to receive text messages from you. Maximize that. Don’t send a text every day, but send one when it truly matters. Make sure your text will capture their attention.