Marketers are always pointing out the benefits of content marketing. What they do not tell you is that there are risks and challenges involved in this kind of Lakeland marketing services. Like any marketing component, writing content with the sole purpose of promoting a business has its challenges.

Misaligned Message

Have you ever noticed a brand that has an ad so different from what you believe the company is about? Many companies think that to attract their target market, they need to entertain them with funny blog posts. This is not always correct. Problems arise when you want to make people laugh through your blog but your company is actually about home security systems.

What’s so funny about security and the need for people to feel safe? Your site’s content may hit all the right places for an entertaining read. However, it needs to connect to the brand. Without that connection, your content will ultimately fail.

Brand Inconsistencies

If there is a pool of writers doing articles for your website, you need to be careful about the topics that they discuss and post. The worst thing that can happen to content marketing is being inconsistent with its aim to educate potential customers. Your product’s how-to instructions in its packaging should be the same as to what’s being taught in its how-to tutorial video on YouTube.

Then, there’s the matter of the consistent use of keywords, layout, and fonts. There should be a list of the “rules” that you will follow when posting the content on your website. Everything should be consistent with your brand’s image (even the keywords).

Irrelevant Content

Relevancy is key in the content game. Web users need to read something relevant to their buyer’s journey. The information on your website must add to their knowledge about why they need to buy a certain product. Check your site’s content. Are the topics posted there still relevant? Does it add value to a website user’s knowledge about your business?

Lack of Resources

Marketers find it hard to think about relevant topics for their content for their Lakeland marketing services. The problem is not doing enough research. You need to accept the fact that you don’t know anything. You need to read other blogs, journals, and newspapers. You need to get inspiration from other sources of information. Some of the problems being faced by content creators are the use of unreliable sources, disorganized content, lack of fresh content, and non-promotion of content.