The question of whether pay-per-click is better than search engine optimization has no definite answer. It all boils down to your current situation, objectives, and marketplace. People are big on SEO and rightfully so. When done well, it is more successful than other types of lead-generating traffic. However, the competition is tougher right now, and PPC might just be the kind of Lakeland marketing services your business needs.


There are two glaring differences between these two. With PPC, you pay for every click on the ad. It’s the same ad that appears on top of the page whenever the web user enters the right keyword on the search bar. Surely, this should mean that PPC is a better strategy. The ad is already up there on the search results, so what more can you ask for, right?

On the other hand, there’s SEO. It’s an art. You have to combine many elements to reach the top of the search results organically. However, when done right, SEO is the most effective kind of marketing strategy. People don’t particularly love clicking on ads unless they can get something from it. For a lot of consumers, PPC is a form of a hard-sell. People rarely want companies to go hard-selling on them, so they avoid clicking on those ads as much as possible.

SEO is also free. You don’t lose a dollar or a centavo every time someone clicks on the link. It brings them organically to your website. But the cost to get to that top spot will cost money. One, you need a web designer who knows how to combine elements that will attract web visitors. Two, you have to produce content (text, audio, and video) to post on your website. And three, you have to work on your brand so people will remember you.

Organic traffic can be slow to come by. It needs a lot of work, unlike with paid ads. However, once you have established your rank on the search engine, your competitors can’t simply buy their way into your ranking.

Talk With Professionals

The best way to figure out what you need is to talk with professionals who provide Lakeland marketing services. They can determine the best integration of both paid and organic search results in your marketing campaigns. They can also set target goals for your business, so you will remain on track no matter what.