Featured snippets are on position zero on search engines. This is the content that is placed inside a box and placed on top of the search results. Many businesses mistakenly think that featured snippets are for master marketers. The truth is that with the right Lakeland marketing services, you can get to position zero. All you need is the right content, angle, framing, and SEO know-how.

Answer Questions

These snippets are meant to answer questions. How to design a website by yourself, what are the digital marketing trends in 2021, and how to bake cheesecake are some of the questions that featured snippets will attempt to answer. If your content does not answer a question, there is no way Google will put it on position zero. Google’s algorithm is designed in such a way that it will look for the best answer to a web user’s query. It will crawl pages in an attempt to find the right answers. With this in mind, create content that will answer your market’s questions.

Know How the Questions Are Being Asked

Sure, you know that people want to find out the marketing trends for 2021, but how are they searching for the information? Instead of using the keyword “marketing trends 2021,” use the long-tail version of it “what are the marketing trends in 2021?” The first keyword is too broad and will likely rank as a text-based search result. The second keyword—the one with the question—can get your page to the featured snippet position.

Create High-quality Content

There is simply no excuse for any website right now not to have high-quality content. If you want to have a featured content, you have to remember that Google will rank your page based on the same requirements as everyone else: high quality, comprehensive, entertaining, engaging, and user-focused. Although you may feel like you want to talk about your keywords all the time, Google wants you to offer diversified content about your topic, too.

Be the Best Answer

A lot of websites will try to answer your market’s questions, too. How can Google choose you for position zero? You need to offer more substance and relevance. You need to be the best answer. The three cores of answering a question are these: go in-depth with your content, break down each step, use visual content, and tailor your content to suit beginners in your industry.

You have to outperform your competitors if you are to be in the featured snippet position. The moment you get to that position, your readers will most likely return to you as they will see you as an expert. Creating high-quality content is the kind of Lakeland marketing services that you need.