If you want everyone in your Lakeland marketing team to understand the purpose of your strategy, then you should present it as effectively as possible. But meetings and presentations can be boring if you’re not careful about it. How can you make it interesting and entertaining for your marketing team?

Time It Well

When is the best time to set a meeting to present your marketing plan? You should do it when you already have a plan to present and after a thorough brainstorming with your people. Once you are ready to present the plan, make sure to choose a schedule when your people are going to be more attentive than usual.

Do it on a Monday when your staff is well-rested. They’ve just had a restful weekend hopefully, so their brains are more refreshed. They have more ideas to share. They can look at the plan from a different perspective. Presenting a Lakeland marketing plan on a Friday is a no-no. Your staff’s minds are already on the coming weekend—their plans of resting, doing errands, and spending time with family.

Presentations like this tend to go for hours. You’ll only be annoying your people by holding them back from their Friday plans. Don’t be an annoying boss and save the presentation for Monday.

Serve Food

Breakfast buffets are important in a work environment. Your employees will feel more energized when they can look forward to a breakfast buffet. You can offer small sandwiches, coffee, and tea for your staff. You’ll find that they are more attentive when they are well-fed. This also shows that you care about your staff and how they feel during what’s supposed to be an intensive meeting about Lakeland marketing.

Offer food for the soul. Do not offer too many carb-loaded foods because these will make them lethargic. They will be an anti-thesis to your purpose for serving food, which is to have a more focused group.

Create an Agenda

Finally, create an agenda that they can get behind. Your goal is to get this particular client, right? You want your team to work hard toward achieving that goal. While you won’t have to offer incentives right away, you can tell your team how important it is for the company to clinch this client.

Lakeland marketing plans are complex. They have so many layers and components. Discussing these complexities with your team is a necessary step if you want to be successful.