What is content readability? Simply put, it is how easy it is to understand a certain written text. When SEO is considered, it is important to take note of the content’s readability grade. Sometimes, because you’re busy optimizing your content with the right keywords, you forget that the primary goal of a Lakeland marketing content is to make the market understand what you’re trying to offer. This leads you back to content readability.

Readability is not such a big factor in Google’s ranking factor. It is a minor factor in Google’s algorithm to rank your site higher or lower. And yet, it has a direct impact on the SEO-friendliness of your content. So, how can you know that your content is readable? There are different algorithms specifically created to measure the readability of web content. It all depends on the search engines that you’re using. One popular and effective readability algorithm is the Flesch-Kincaid readability score. You can also check out the Hemingway App.

Simple Vocabulary

To enhance your readability score, you must make sure to use simple words. These are words that your readers can easily connect with. Say goodbye to jargon and other technical terms. Google wants readers to understand the content. For example, instead of using assistance, use the word help. Instead of numerous, use many. Instead of attempt, use try.

Shorter Sentences

It’s not just the words. You should also use phrases and sentences that are easy to comprehend. Using complex sentence structures will not do your Lakeland marketing any good. Make your sentences concise and uncomplicated. Active sentences are better than passive ones. Using adverbs can be a no-no, too, depending on the readability scale you are following. You can always break down long sentences into shorter ones. In the Hemingway App, for example, you can receive a better rating when you use shorter sentences.

Typical writers use 15 to 20 words per sentence. Ernest Hemingway, who is a fan of shorter sentences, uses between 10 and 15 words per sentence. That makes all his works easy to read, regardless of your level of literacy.

Conversational Tone

The easiest rule to remember about writing is to use a conversational tone. Unless you’re writing a thesis or a formal letter, you should write the way you talk. Doing so creates an SEO-friendly content that will make your message more comprehensible to the readers. Imagine yourself talking to a friend. That’s how you should write your web content.