Digital billboards have been around for decades. Times Square in New York is a prime example of how successful digital billboards can be in promoting companies. But of course, back in the day, these digital screens are reserved only for those who have big marketing budgets. They’re not for the lowly startups that have measly funds for promotions and advertisements. Alas, even if your Lakeland marketing still can’t afford prime locations like Times Square, it is possible to market using digital billboards in your local areas.

Here are the benefits of using digital billboards as a platform for your marketing strategies:

Putting Ads on Prime Locations

Digital billboards are placed in prime locations like Times Square and Piccadilly Circus. This means more people are passing by the streets and roads, so they are going to be exposed to the ads.

Save on Production Costs

The best thing about producing digital billboards is that you save on printing costs. You only have to produce a video material that will be shown on the billboards. There’s no need to spend on paper, ink, and other printing materials.

Shortened Lead Time

Once the ad is finished, you don’t need to find a printer to see the output of the ads. The ad will be sent electronically to the billboard. This can happen in a matter of hours. With printed materials, you need to send it to the printers and wait for a couple of days before these posters get ready.

Send Multiple Messages

Do you have different branches, products, and services to promote? With posters and flyers, you need to produce different materials. Digital billboards will allow you to post different sets of ads depending on the products and services you want to promote. You only need to send two different ads electronically and use your time slot for these two ads.

Run Short Campaigns

Digital billboard companies allow a shorter period of time. Generally, outdoor ads need to run for two weeks. This will optimize your exposure. However, you can run the ads for less than two weeks when using digital billboards. For example, you have a special event coming up in your company. You can run the ad for less than two weeks, depending on how many days you would need the ads exposed.

Digital billboards will pave a way for a lot of creative opportunities. Think about your company, your products, and your services. Once you understand how you want to advertise your business, you can decide on what kind of Lakeland marketing strategy will work best.