Is there a sudden drop in the number of followers of your social media? Did you notice that your average number of visitors dropped in recent weeks? Is there a new Lakeland internet marketing strategy that you took on? New doesn’t always mean better. Just because you invested and took a chance on a new marketing strategy doesn’t mean that it will benefit your business.

So, is it time to change your marketing strategies, specifically your social media strategies? It is through social media that you would notice a significant change in your appeal to your audience.

When There Is Less Engagement

How many comments or inquiries do you receive through Facebook every day? If there is a significant drop in the number of people who want to know about your products and services, that’s a sure sign that there’s something in your marketing strategy that’s not working. Or maybe, everything about your strategy is just plain wrong.

But less social media engagement points to one thing: it’s time for a change. Call your marketing department and try to pinpoint the exact elements of your strategy that doesn’t work for your audience. Low engagement on social media is a no-no for any business.

When There Are Less Orders

There are many reasons why people won’t order from your store. During the enrollment season, parents are busy taking care of their children’s school needs. They don’t have much time to think about anything else, much less to spend it on other than their kids’ stuff for school.

However, when it’s the holidays and there is a decrease in the number of orders that you receive, that’s a cause for concern. People are naturally very loose with money during the holidays. You should get a slice of the pie. If your sales did not improve, you should assess your social media strategies and find out how to reach your audience better.

When Your Competitors Go Viral

Suddenly, your competitors are all over social media—their videos went viral and their posts are being re-shared like never before. Surely, they have done something right with their Lakeland internet marketing strategy, right? Not exactly. It could be that you’re doing something wrong, leading your audience right to your competitors’ waiting arms. Assess your current marketing campaigns and see what you could improve.

Always listen to social media. Whether it’s searching for mentions of your business’ name or looking at your competitors’ strategies, learning the little intricacies of social media will pay off in the end.