Admittedly, it can be hard at times to think about what to post on social media. Your Lakeland internet marketing strategy will suffer if you don’t post regularly on social media. But here’s the question: what should you post on social media? What kind of content will bring more attention to your business?

User-Generated Content

If you want to increase engagement on social media, one of the most beneficial contents to post on social media is user-generated content. You need to find followers and customers that produce content using your products or services. A company that regularly does that is GoPro. This company finds and sources content from its followers and customers. They feature their content on their official pages. As a result, many of their customers are competing to produce content that the company can also feature on their pages. This makes the customers feel valued and appreciated.

Monitor your social media pages. Some of your customers and followers are tagging you on the content that features your products or services. You can repost them provided you’ve had permission from the creator.


This is the new form of radio programs. Many radio broadcasters have already transitioned to producing podcasts that can be aired via different platforms. In the podcast, you can invite experts to talk about topics that your audience can relate to. You should share the link of your podcast on social media. However, the better way to promote your podcast is to create a static image, place the podcast audio over the top, and upload it as video on Facebook and Instagram.


The launch of Facebook Live and Instagram Live might have forever changed the landscape of Lakeland internet marketing. You can choose whether you want the content to be available afterward. But for the most part, what a livestream hope is to see just how many people will tune in to your “program.” You can engage with your customers while on livestream. You can ask them questions and answers their queries directly. You should choose to make the video content available after the livestream so those who weren’t able to attend it live can watch the video.


These are eye-catching content that is informative and relatable to customers. They provide more details about a certain topic. You can create infographics from a range of platforms available for free on the internet. Your Lakeland internet marketing will benefit from such informative content because people love sharing infographics. Some websites may even embed the infographics on their blogs and credit you appropriately.