There are many different choices that merchants can make when it comes to their eCommerce websites. They can play around with the color scheme. They can add social media share buttons. They can use chatbots. They can maximize reviews and testimonials. We can work on a blog or a video blog. But one thing that many merchants online miss out just is the importance of the shopping cart when it comes to Lakeland internet marketing.

No matter what you think your websites need when it comes to selling products and services, it all boils down to one thing. You need to find a way to make it easier for your consumers to check out products and services and pay for the items. That is why you need to focus on what kind of shopping cart you have integrated into your website.

Does it make it easier for your customers to add items into the cart? Can the cart remember the items that the customer left in it if and when they abandon the site and return to it later? Is it easy for the customers to go back to the previous page after reviewing what they put in the cart? These are simple things that may not mean so much to an online merchant but makes a world of difference to its consumers.

A Single Page for Faster Checkout

Having multiple pages open during the checkout process will make it harder for consumers to pay for their items. Why not make it easy for them to check out the items? You will only give them time to think about their purchases if you keep on asking them to click on a next button. Put all that needs to be filled up on one single page. Allow the customer to check out the item without needing to transfer from one page to another.

Product Images and Links

Have you ever been on the checkout page where you cannot find the images to the products you plan to purchase? That makes it harder for you to change anything on the items, right? This can negatively affect your Lakeland internet marketing. While you can click on the back button to change the size or color, this is such a nuisance for some customers. Make sure that you will allow your customers to change their preferences right on the checkout page. This will prevent them from thinking twice about the purchase that they plan to make.

SKU Numbers

Too many merchants forget about inputting the SKU numbers on their product pages and checkout pages. Why do you need to put these numbers? This makes it easier for the customers to recommend the item to a family or a friend. For those who are buying the products for an office setting, having the SKU numbers will also help them catalog the items properly. This is also important in case the customers need to do an exchange or return the item to you. You will find it much easier to look for a particular replacement when the SKU is provided.