How much time do you need to respond to a customer complaint? Do you reply as soon as someone sent a message on your social media channels? How do you handle customer inquiries? All companies should set a standard response time for customer inquiries, complaints, and any kind of engagement because this is a part of the Lakeland internet marketing strategy. The best thing for all companies is to respond as quickly as they can, which means immediately because we are all interconnected somehow.

No Excuses

Back in the day, you can have the excuse that no one can answer inquiries and comments in the evening because everyone’s at home. Today, there is no way employees can just leave the office like that. It is impossible to leave work at the end of the day. Sure, you may have packed up your bag and left the office, but you do have your mobile devices with you, right? That makes it nearly impossible to hide from anyone, including clients who decide to make their complaints known in the middle of the night.

Nobody credible can give the excuse of being “out.” We still have our mobile devices with us, which means we are connected by emails, texts, and social media. Nobody can say that the documents are in the office, too. You can upload company documents to the cloud and access that information wherever you may be.

So what if you don’t allow your employees to use their own mobile devices for work? That means you have to provide them with company devices that they can bring with them to respond to customers. If you cannot make that kind of investment and simply let your employees use desktop computers in the office, they will accomplish less than what they can.

Grow Your Customer Base

Studies found out that responding quickly to customers will grow your business. The favorable response time is immediate, though customers are more likely to wait a couple of hours before contacting another company. You can stretch out that response time to 48 hours but by then, you would have already lost that connection with your customers.

In a study of 500,000 interactions, experts found out that customers are willing to spend more on a business that responds quickly to their inquiries. Responding immediately to your customer will generate more revenue for your business, as well as grow its reputation. Aren’t these the goals of Lakeland internet marketing?