The COVID-19 has a devastating economic impact, forcing businesses to close and people to lose their jobs. Because of this, marketers believe that it will have a huge and irreversible impact on buyer personas. If your business already has a buyer persona for your Lakeland internet marketing, the biggest mistake you will do is not to revisit these personas. Companies may need to redesign and recreate their marketing agendas and strategies.

There are some assumptions that customers will return to the way things were. This is a mistake that businesses will make. To peddle this idea out there is tantamount to saying that 2020 did not happen. No matter how bad the year was, one thing is for sure: it’s one you won’t forget anytime soon. Its impact will be felt for the years to come.

Amplified Emotional Awareness

The mandated quarantine forced many people to stay inside their homes and get to know themselves better. While by themselves, they became more in tune with their emotions. Despite the distractions of technology, people were still forced to face their thoughts alone. In fact, due to self-reflection, there was a more than 21% increase in anti-depressant and anti-anxiety prescriptions.

Aside from this, customers are more fragile and vulnerable. After all, they just spent the last few months fearing the worse. That isn’t even going to stop even if they are inoculated with a vaccine. What the pandemic made them feel is that they can lose control anytime. That made the new-normal customer more self-aware and emotionally engaged.


The lack of things to do during the pandemic made many people realize that they can actually do a lot of things. For example, many of them learned to cook, do embroidery, sell on online selling platforms, and build do-it-yourself cabinets. The ample time they have and the lack of available services forced people to rediscover these skills and passions they thought they have forgotten.

This will, of course, impact the buyer persona because they will begin to think that they don’t need the services they have enjoyed in the past. The challenge for companies is to prove that you don’t belong in the past. You have to prove to your customers that you are a part of the new normal, too.

Clearly, the new normal will impact Lakeland internet marketing in ways that will change the face of the industry. But this is exactly how you are going to prove that you deserve your customers’ loyalty.