Backlinks refer to websites that link back to your site. These backlinks make your site more authoritative. They make you an expert on the topic that you discussed. Having quality backlinks will make Google believe that you are the best website to speak about that topic. It is the pinnacle of a successful Lakeland internet marketing strategy. And as a result, when web users search for relevant keywords, your website will be on top of Google’s search results.

But creating backlinks is harder and more challenging than writing SEO-friendly content. You need other websites to trust your content. It isn’t enough to write relevant content for your website. You need other websites to believe that you are the best resource for their backlinking efforts. How do you convince webmasters to link their sites to yours?

Broken-link Method

Use the broken-link method to report to webmasters their webpages with broken links. Search for blog posts that are related to your keyword. Check if all their links are working. If there are broken links, copy-paste the URL of those links and send them to the webmaster of that site. You’ll get a better chance of this site editing the links and backlinking to yours. Since you’re the one who reported the error, you will be given the chance to prove your content’s worth. If the webmaster finds your content worthy, they may link back to your site.

However, some webmasters will refuse to link back to your site for whatever reason. That’s okay. There are plenty of other webmasters who will be willing to link back to your content. You can search for broken links by searching on Google: your keywords + links, your keywords + resources, and keyword inurl:links.

When talking to the webmaster, always introduce yourself nicely. Provide them the exact location of the broken links. Give them an alternative so they can replace these links. Although you want them to link back to your site, try to be not too obvious about your intention. Show them that you simply want to help them manage their websites better. If they link back to your webpage, then well and good. If not, there are always other webmasters who might be willing to do so.

Earning quality backlinks is a challenge, but you can find backlinking opportunities by creating the right content and reaching out to webmasters. Also, it is important to keep track of your webpages. Making sure that you don’t have broken links on your own page is essential to the success of your Lakeland internet marketing.