The problem with most businesses when it comes to addressing a problem like the coronavirus pandemic is that they were so afraid to acknowledge that it is happening and affecting them. Only when governments asked businesses to either adjust their business hours or close completely did they address what’s been happening around the world. Initially, what we saw were businesses tiptoeing around the issue, neglecting the concerns that their clients and customers have in the first place. The truth is, you can actually adjust your Lakeland internet marketing to push your business to the top.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

The magnitude of the pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges. This does not mean that you should neglect to inform your clients that this has been affecting your business, too. Post a simple message on your website’s homepage and make sure that this is accessible and understandable to all your customers.

The message should be simple and direct to the point. You don’t need to discuss the merits of the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone understands that. Cut to the chase. Tell your audience how the pandemic has affected your business operations and tell them what you are doing to stop the adverse impacts. If doing business with them has also been affected, discuss how you will move forward from that point on.

Focus on the Humane Side

Everybody is concerned about what this pandemic means to them economically. Some of your loyal customers have grown fond of your employees. They would prefer to know how they are faring with you cutting hours. Explain to your clients what you have been doing for your staff. If you are retraining them for some new opportunities in this pandemic or you’re shouldering their compensations at this time, your customers deserve to know how humane you are treating your employees. That will earn their respect and admiration for your business.

Share on Social Media

Share everything on social media—whether it’s a message addressing your clients, a new product/service line, or an announcement with regards to the resumption of your business operations. Your customers need to know what’s been going on with your business. The only way to reach out to them during these uncertain times is to post and share on social media. Since they’re also stuck at home, they are most likely either watching Netflix or browsing their feeds.

The pandemic will take a huge toll on people and businesses. It’s important not to be caught up in the issues that surround this pandemic. Focus on how your Lakeland internet marketing strategies can thrive and support the business.