Web traffic is not an indication of website success. You can have high traffic to your website but if it does not make people convert and do act on your site, you’ll still have a low conversion rate. A business website is all about conversion—people need to act and do something while on your website. That depends on the quality of your Lakeland internet marketing strategies. If you don’t focus on making your marketing strategies as customer-centric as possible, you will lose every chance you get of increasing your site’s conversion rate.

Answer Questions and Address Concerns

What is the problem that your customers are facing? Do they have a leaky faucet? Sewage backup? Molds in their bathroom? Water damage in the basement? You have to address these concerns. You have to present your business as a viable solution to their problems. That message should be evident right from the homepage and into the site’s inside pages. The overall message of your website would be: we can solve your problems.

Present Evidence

Next, you cannot just tell your customers that they should choose your business. You should show evidence that you are the best at what you do. Show evidence that you have the best products and services. How can your customers trust you? Publish reviews and recommendations on your website. Ask past customers if they can appear on video to talk about how you solved their problems and concerns.

Customers are more sophisticated now. They take pride in knowing how to get the truth about your products and services. They know that people want to leave reviews and recommendations about businesses that impressed them. They’ll look for you on social media pages and try to glean what kind of company you are.

Create Call to Action

Finally, your customers want to know what they should do on your website. They need to see a call-to-action. Should they subscribe to your newsletter? Should they leave their email addresses so you can reach them for promos, news, and discounts? Should they follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? What should they do now that they are on your website? A good Lakeland internet marketing strategy would be to create call-to-action buttons that are direct to the point. It should be very clear to your customers what they need to do when they land on your website.

This three-step action will enable your website to increase its conversion rate and hopefully, reduce the bounce rate.