What is timing in the context of Lakeland internet marketing? Is there a right time to use social media to market products and services? The truth is, timing is everything when it comes to marketing strategies. There is a right time to post new products and services on your website and social media profiles. Why is that? Because depending on your target audience, they may or they may not be online at the time that you posted your products and services. If they are not online, there is a good chance that they will miss your post.

But that is only one example of why timing is important for internet marketing. When do you read the news? Where do you search for current events and weather forecasts? If your business has anything to do with news and weather, for example, then you need to be aware when your target market is likely online. For news, your audience is mostly online in the early morning during breakfast and when they are commuting to work. This is the only time they have throughout the day to browse their social media feeds and check news websites.

As for weather forecasts, most people check the weather the night before they go to work or school or the early morning of the day. This means that if your products and services are related to weather and climate, you should market them at night when your target audience is busy preparing to sleep or during the day when they are about to go to work or school. This is the time when they will most likely be checking their online platforms and when you can most persuade them to buy your products and services.

When do you receive your tax refund? Most people receive a refund in January or February. That refund is money that you do not expect or that you have not claimed throughout the year from the government. Most people use their tax refund to renovate their homes and to buy big-ticket items such as laptops or cell phones.

So January or February are the right months to put big-ticket items on sale. If you are in the construction business, you may want to promote your services by December. This will help your target market prepare for any plans of renovation in January or February. They can compute how much they’re going to get from the tax refund and use that money to pay for your services.

So, you see? Timing is everything when it comes to Lakeland internet marketing. By posting at the right time, you can gain your target audience’s attention.