In 1996, American billionaire and tech magnate Bill Gates said that content is where the real money will be made on the internet. Twenty-five years after and he was still right. Content is still king; so much more, in fact. If you’re ever on the fence about whether you need to focus on content or not this 2021 for your Lakeland internet marketing, that’s your answer right there. Content—whether written or broadcasted via online videos—is still your best bet to market your business. No ifs and no buts.

What Changed in 2021?

The only thing that changed in 2021 when it comes to content is the value of the content and the method by which it was sent to the target market. Consumers are more discerning now of the content they read and watch. At the same time, they are also more discerning of the products and services they buy from companies that they patronize. That puts pressure on companies and content producers.

Building Relationships With Customers

Content is still the best way to build relationships with customers. With the right content, you can improve your brand’s reputation and relationships. There are two ways that content brings in customers to your business. One is to lure in new customers with some great content. The second one is to retain existing customers because you keep on churning out quality content. Both will benefit your business.

Making Your Brand Recognizable

In this day and age, two kinds of content go viral on social media: bad and great content. Surely, you don’t want your brand to go viral because of bad content. The only way to avoid that is to create quality content that your audience will love and want to share. Once you get people to talk about your brand, there is no telling how far it will reach. Going viral will make your brand easily recognizable.

Appealing to Influencers

Content marketing is fine and dandy, but what’s even better is pairing this with influencer marketing. You will reach a wider audience with this strategy. But how do you catch the attention of social media influencers? It is by creating quality content that will reach their market. The more catchy your content is, the more that influencers will want to partner with you. And when they do, that’s when your Lakeland internet marketing can have a good chance of reaching your target audience.