Becoming a leader in any industry today requires a strong internet marketing presence. It is especially important to reach out to consumers via social marketing with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Over 50% of the internet users in the world have a Facebook account and tapping into that market is an invaluable resource.

Facebook and Twitter have been proven to not only drive new customers to businesses around the world, but also to improve the business image and marketing share of those companies who have fully embraced social marketing. Engaging current and potentially new customers on a website that they already visit daily makes your message sink in more easily. For example, Facebook users are used to seeing status updates from their friends and the pages that they’ve liked. Once you’ve gotten them to click the like button on your page, all of your company’s updates will automatically flow into their timeline. This integrates your company’s message into their lives in a much more immediate and personal way than traditional forms of advertising.

Simply driving customers to your Facebook or Twitter page isn’t enough; each page needs to have engaging content and a unique look and feel. This is where bringing in a professional internet marketing team becomes invaluable. It is also critical to ensure that any pre-existing web presence about your company becomes updated to help direct customers to your social marketing pages. Most people will not visit a company’s website on a regular basis, so getting them to connect with your Facebook or Twitter page is the best method for retaining them as a customer.

BrightSky Web Design has been a leader among all web design firms since 2004. We are uniquely positioned to handle all of your online marketing needs as we have multiple divisions available to assist you. From the design and upkeep of your company website, all the way to maintaining your social networking accounts, BrightSky’s skilled technicians are ready and able to help you successfully conquer the world of internet marketing. Let us design the perfect social networking package to compliment your website today and then sit back and watch as your customer base continues to grow!

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