Marketing your business doesn’t need to cost much. There are so many small business ideas out there that it can be hard to filter out what’s useful and what’s not. What you need to look for are Lakeland marketing ideas that won’t break the bank. They can be anything from email marketing to handing out flyers in the streets. The thing about marketing strategies is that you have to make sure they’re reaching your target audience.

Referral Programs

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the best strategy there is to promote a business. People listen to others (even strangers) when it comes to products and services they are interested in. They’ll give your business a chance to impress them when they hear great things about your products. The pressure lies on your able shoulders. You need to make sure your business is worthy of your client’s money and trust.

Email Marketing

You don’t need a lot of money to start an email marketing campaign. In fact, you probably will only need time and effort to compose an email, collect email addresses, and send out those emails. Over time, this will be an easy process because you would have found a process to collect the email addresses of your clients and you will also determine how to write your messages properly.

Content Marketing

You don’t need to pay anyone for content marketing. Sure, many businesses hire content writers but if you can write your own blog, you won’t have to pay anyone. Who better understands your business than you? Write blogs about your products and services. Introduce the business and the people behind it. These are the things that clients want to know about you.


You only need to design a flyer, write a message, and print the flyers. You can give out the flyers your own or ask some of your friends to do it with you. Handing out flyers outside malls and grocery stores is still the fastest way to introduce your business. You can also post the flyers on the community bulletin boards or at libraries, coffee shops, and other local establishments.


Ask a customer to fill up a satisfaction survey. This is a great way to learn about your customer base. Surveys will introduce a business to the client. They will get to know the business and what you are offering. You can better strategize and improve your Lakeland marketing once you know the wants and demands of your business.