Lakeland web designGetting prospective customers to buy a product, subscribe to a service, or call your office to inquire may be a little hard if your Lakeland web design has no call to action button. If you want customers to do a specific action to support your business, you have to do something on your end, too.

When customers shop online, they pay for the products and services without even signing up for the site. They pay as “guests” and they leave without any additional information about them. You certainly cannot use the email they provided for their payment options and you cannot send them newsletters, so they would be informed about your promos.

If you have blog posts in your website, so rarely do visiting customers read until the end. What they do is to browse the blog until they find what they are looking for or what they are expecting. They don’t even bother to read until the end, where the call to action is usually found.

But don’t lose hope. In order for potential customers to do what you want, you have to include a compelling call to action on your site and your marketing campaigns. That means not only putting the CTA buttons on every page, but also placing them on the right location. The CTAs have to be easily seen by the customers and the customers should not be required to browse throughout the whole page to find the CTA at the bottom of the page.

Without a compelling CTA, a potential customer won’t know what to do with your page. If you are promoting a skincare line, for example, and you just showcased the benefits for the customers, you have to tell the readers what you want them to do. Are you simply informing them about the benefits or can they purchase the products from your website? Are the products available for shipping from your site or do they have to find a store that carries the line?

If your Lakeland web design can manage to put up a good quality CTA, you can make customers do pretty much whatever you want. What you have to make sure that your web designer understands is that the CTA must be straightforward and they must not be drowned by words. Instead of explaining in paragraphs what the CTA can do for the customers, put the ideas on bullet form. This makes it easier for everyone to digest.