The first thing you need to remember about the role of your Orlando web design during the coronavirus pandemic is that it will be the first platform that your customers will check when they need to know something about your business. If you want to update your customers and clients about what will happen to your business during this pandemic, then you should pay attention to what things are posted on your website.

Remember that if your customers want to inquire about any products and services that you offer during this time, their first stop will either be your social media accounts or your website. Put special emphasis on making sure that your website is updated about your business’ status during this time.

Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room

There’s no use pretending that the pandemic isn’t happening or isn’t affecting your business. No matter what industry you are in, your business is being affected by the physical distancing measures and the closing of shops that are imposed by the government. It is therefore to your benefit that you will address this issue and how your business is coping with it. It is your customers’ right to know how your products are now being manufactured and how you can deliver the services that you promised them. You need to reach out to your current crop of customers who are waiting for pending deliveries.

Consider Redesigning

Why shouldn’t you reconsider re-designing a website? This is the time to revamp and reinvent your business, especially if you’re in the nonessential sector. Once the quarantine or lockdown is lifted, there will be a new norm that businesses and societies will have to adjust to. It is therefore prudent of your business to start analyzing what path to take once this new norm has set place. While re-designing your website may be a bit over-the-top for some, it is the right choice for industries that were heavily impacted by the pandemic.

Introduce eCommerce

What use would your Orlando web design be if it is without an eCommerce platform? Sure, you can use the relevant content on your website to engage your audience, but this isn’t what your market needs right now. If anyone of your customer wants to buy something from you and your physical shop is closed, where would they go? That is why you should think about investing in an eCommerce platform so that you can continue transacting with your customers.