As a Lakeland web design client, you will find yourself learning a lot about the web design process that you did not initially expect. Something that you will be surprised to learn about the web design process is the importance of wireframing and prototyping to the overall web design project.

Other web design clients don’t understand the need for this particular process, usually because they want to get moving on the rest of the website design project.

However, if you want your website design to succeed as needed, it’s important to give the wireframing and prototyping process enough time and energy. Read on to learn more about wireframing and prototyping to better understand their role in your Lakeland web design project.


The first stage of the actual design process after the planning stage is the wireframing stage. So what exactly is a wireframe? A wireframe is a very simple mockup of what the visual design of your website is supposed to look like.

It is a very basic sketch of what the overall design is supposed to look like. Do not be surprised to find that it is made up of basic shapes like squares to act as the representation of the various elements and pages of your website design.

Again, this is supposed to act as a basic first look of what your site is supposed to look like, visually. It needs to be simple so that the designers can easily move things around to meet the vision of the client.


Once the wireframe has been completed, the prototype needs to be created. The prototype is when the visual design really starts to take shape. Your website’s prototype is the visual product of what the website is going to look like.

The main difference between a wireframe and a prototype is that the wireframe is supposed to be as barebones as possible to help plan for maximum user experience design, whereas the prototype is supposed to help you plan out the specifics of the visual design.

Why is this needed?

Why are you supposed to bother with a wireframe and a prototype for your Lakeland web design anyway? Keep in mind that your site’s design is not something that can be easily put together like the pieces of a puzzle.

You have to plan out the individual parts of the puzzle and tailor it to your target audience before you can put them together. Going through the wireframing and prototyping is needed to make the rest of the web design project go a lot smoother.