There are many things why your website might be loading slowly. If your homepage takes more than three seconds to load, that’s a recipe for disaster. That old adage “slow and steady wins the race” does not apply when it comes to the loading time of a Lakeland web design. Research has shown that web visitors expect a page to load in less than two seconds and even more people are ready to leave your page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

One of the main reasons why sites are failing or performing poorly is unoptimized images. If you are using high-resolution photos on your website, there’s a very good chance this is the reason why it’s performing poorly. When loading the site, high-resolution images consume a lot of bandwidth. Even scaling them down after they have already been uploaded will unnecessarily increase the size of the website.

The image format is another factor that needs to be considered. JPEG images are smaller in size compared to other formats such as PNG and GIF. Your web page will load faster if you’re using JPEG images rather than PNG and GIF.

So, what do you need to do to optimize the images for faster web page loading?

First, check the file size of your images. Anything that’s more than 1MB is unacceptable. You need to resize your file if it’s more than 1MB. There are plenty of image resizing tools for free on the internet. Find one that works with your chosen format.

Speaking of format, that’s the second thing you need to consider. You need to use JPEG images for larger images. Avoid using PNG and GIF because there’s not much difference in terms of the quality of the images when viewed on the screen. if you are uploading icons, you can use PNG since these are smaller in file size.

Third, scan the images before uploading them on your web page. There are specific tools that will tell you if the images are harmful to your site’s bandwidth. Take correction actions on these images because letting these images eat up your bandwidth will cost a lot of money.

Uploading unoptimized photos to your Lakeland web design will cost it to perform poorly mainly on Google’s and Bing’s search results. Both of these search engines give priority to fast-loading sites. It is to your site’s advantage that the issue of slow-loading time should be addressed.