One of the most important things that you need to come to terms with as the owner of an Lakeland web design is the fact that this will need to be changed eventually, no matter how much work you put into it initially. However, plenty of website owners are wary about making the decision to work on their websites because there is the risk of your site’s rankings getting affected when your website gets changed too much.

This is a perfectly valid concern, as moving some things around will definitely affect your SEO ranking. However, as long as you know what you’re doing, there are plenty of ways to handle a web design change without affecting your site ranking, especially if you work with an Lakeland web design company. Read on to find out how they accomplish this here.

A good Lakeland web design company has a team to focus primarily on SEO

The main reason why you should trust your website design project to professional to avoid a drop in ranking is the fact that web design companies have a team of specialists to handle the implementation and maintenance of SEO in the event of a site design change. This team handle’s their client’s SEO rankings and works with the strategy to make sure that the site maintains or improves their SERP rankings.

The SEO team’s main role means to work together with other departments to help make sure that nothing is compromised during the redesign and redevelopment process. Before moving forward with a site change or redesign, the SEO team evaluates the entire website and processes with the use of various SEO tools to determine which methods are working for the site and which ones need to be reworked.

Important keywords and meta information is noted so that these can be reused on the new site design, especially if it contributed to the success of the old site design.

The new site is usually developed offline to prevent duplication

During the website redesign, the old site still needs to remain online to prevent any loss of potential clients and revenue. This also serves to minimize website penalties that can happen due to a duplicate of a single website.

To make sure that the Lakeland web design project is handled properly with minimal problems, the entire thing is worked on offline, which allows for changes to the website without hurting its rankings. All of this is accomplished by developing and working on the site in a location that search engines cannot crawl through.