Last year, we saw a lot of changes in the world of social media. Facebook changed its algorithm and received some backlash because of privacy issues. Instagram reached the one-billion mark and rolled out new features that make it more business-savvy. This year, we’re bound to see more changes but that doesn’t mean our Lakeland marketing should suffer.

In any case, these changes give us an opportunity to finetune our marketing strategies and focus on what actually works for the business.

Set Realistic Goals

The first thing you need to remember is to set realistic goals for your business. You surely cannot achieve one million followers in such a short span of time. Even celebrities had to wait years before they got to a million followers. However, some samples of realistic goals are these: increasing brand awareness, achieving a higher quality of sales, engaging with customers, driving in-person sales, creating a loyal fanbase, and improving ROI.

Know Your Audience

The biggest mistake you can do when marketing on social media is to make assumptions. With so many analytical tools at your disposal, it has become a sin not to know who you are selling to. These tools will show you simple to complex demographics of who your followers are.

Some of the things you will know about your audience are their gender, age, occupation, race, income, educational attainment, and even location. This data can be used to improve your content, core message, and overall approach. It will also help you choose which platform to use to reach your intended audience.

Identify The Important Metrics

The most obvious metrics for social media are the number of followers and likes. However, if these metrics don’t amount to sales, what good would they be? Here are additional metrics you should take note of: reach, clicks, engagement, sentiment, and hashtag performance. All of these metrics have more opportunity to trigger sales and profit than likes. Also, shares could be an indicator of the reach of a single post.

Look At Your Competitors

There’s nothing wrong with checking out your competitors to see what they’re doing differently from you. Although you come from the same industry, you might be using different strategies. Check out which of your competitors are making waves on social media and find out what keywords and hashtags they are using to promote their business. From there, you can get an idea of what your audience wants to hear from you and adjust your Lakeland marketing accordingly.