Community events are the best testing ground for Lakeland marketing strategies. If you want to test if your strategies are working, you need to test them on the right market. Whether or not you’re a local business, it is best to test marketing campaigns on the immediate target audience which is the locality where you are located.

If there’s an upcoming local event in your community, you may want to use this opportunity to test your marketing strategies. Here are some tips on how to maximize your campaigns:


What kind of event is the community going to have soon? You can either set up a booth so that you can inform the local community about your brand or you can sponsor the event and raise even better brand awareness about your company. Whatever you plan on doing, make sure that your company name is plastered all over the event grounds. This will raise awareness of the event-goers about your company.

Printed Materials

Don’t even think that traditional Lakeland marketing strategies are passe or have died. You can still use printed materials to give away during the event. Create fliers, posters, streamers, and even brochures. You can give these materials away during the event. Even if your target market simply put these materials into their bags, you still have a big chance of getting a call or an inquiry from them. Remember that when the time comes they would need a service or a product that your business offers, they would look into these brochures and flyers you gave away, find your number, and give you a call.

Free Product Samples

If you just opened a coffee shop, the least you can do the raise brand awareness during the program is to give away free samples of your coffee and pastries. This will allow your market to test your products without spending a dime on it. In this age when salaries are at an all-time low, giving away free products is the preferred marketing strategy of your target audience.


If you cannot give away free products or flyers or sponsor an event, you can give a talk to the event-goers. What are you an authority of? What are you an expert on? If you believe that the event-goers will learn something from your talk then, by all means, discuss topics that will not only raise awareness about your brand but will also provide meaningful information.