Your website has to influence the visual elements where the eyes of your web visitors should be drawn. This is what visual hierarchy is about. It uses Orlando web design elements that will get the attention of the web visitors. It can do that by using sizes, shapes, colors, and other visual elements. The point of the hierarchy is to show web visitors what are the important areas of the website.

Say, for example, you saw five circles of different sizes. If someone asks you to rank those circles in order of their importance, how will you do that? Surely, you will rank the biggest one as the most important while the smallest is the least important. This is how the visual hierarchy works. It tells the audience what is important and what they should look at.

Even without knowing anything about the circles, you were able to rank them because of their sizes. But web design is also more than about the size of the visual elements. It’s about the color and the shape of the elements, too.

Applying It on the Homepage

Your homepage is the first thing that they will see when they visit your page. Visual hierarchy is most useful on the homepage. It starts by making the main photo front and center of your homepage. Next, your web visitors will look at the large text that accompanies that photo. Usually, that text is your business’ value proposition. Automatically, the visitors’ eyes will look at the call-to-action button. What do you like them to do? Make sure the CTA button is of a different color than the rest of the visual elements.

After that, their eyes will move upward to the other details on your homepage. You can guide them toward the category and menu, or to the offers you have. For example, if you are offering free shipping for a minimum purchase of $35, that should be highlighted on top of your page. The last part of your homepage that your web visitors will look at is your header or logo. Make sure that when they click on the logo, it will automatically lead them to your homepage again.

Go to look at your site now. What does it say to you visually? Can you rank the importance of the visual elements according to size and color? These visual elements are the foundation of a great Orlando web design.