If there’s only one thing your clients will consider before purchasing from your website, it’s the security of that site. They want to see signs that your site is secure and that the information they will provide will be encrypted. That’s why improving the web security of your Tampa web design is tantamount to a great digital marketing strategy. Showing your customers you care about the sensitive information they provide will be a good way to turn them into loyal clients.

In the past decade alone, hackers and phishing scams dominated the dark web. Many cybercriminals live off stealing people’s information and identity. They purchase items from someone else’s credit cards. They hacked insurance companies and even government websites. They are everywhere. The web is so vulnerable. But with the right training, policies, and technology, you can make your website a safe place.

Train Employees

The first thing you should do is train your employees to handle sensitive data. They should know where to store this data, and that they should never take this data out of the system. If certain information is not accessible to them, they should respect that access control and never try to get into the system unethically.

It is wise to invest in your employees’ knowledge of how to handle data because human error is the number one reason why data breach happens. So long as your employees know how to handle the information you have in the office, you would have already reduced the chances of data breach and hacking.

Create Safe Policies

What is a safe policy for an office or business? One, there should be privacy control access put in place. This means that only a handful (mostly, senior managers) of people in the office will get full access to the business data. Everyone should have a unique username, password, and biometrics to access the data. This makes it easier for the business’ IT department to determine who could have mishandled the data upon access.

You can also create a policy wherein all documents should be backed up to the cloud and an external hard drive outside the office. Teaching your employees how to back up data correctly is another important step in securing your system.

Invest in Technology

Your systems should have a web application firewall and SSL encryption at the very least. These two will protect your system from getting hacked. An anti-virus program should also be installed on every computer in the office system. When creating a Tampa web design, the developer should make sure that malware, ransomware, Trojan horses, and others cannot penetrate it.