Not too many business people know that the public relations department is not the first call that needs to be made when a company is facing a crisis. Instead, an office manager should also call its marketing department to learn about the Lakeland internet marketing strategies that can be implemented by the company. You do remember that the battlefield is now on the internet? This is not about which company makes the first move in releasing a press statement, but on identifying which marketing campaigns are going to backfire.

For example, you produce healthy food products. The primary message of your internet marketing campaign is that when people buy and eat your food, they will feel better about themselves, both physically and mentally. But what happens when a crisis faces your company? Say, for example, someone had food poisoning after eating your food. This will create a marketing and public relations nightmare for your business. You should call both your PR and marketing teams because they have to work together to figure out the marketing campaigns that will be targeted by your naysayers, haters, and competitors.

Changing the Campaign

The best advice that you can follow when it comes to facing a crisis in your company is to take the problem by its horn. You should be the one in control of the situation. That means if there are marketing companies lately that could be targeted by your competitors, beat them to it by changing the message or admitting through a similar campaign that your company has figured in a scandal. There is nothing like admitting you did something wrong to throw off your competitors.

But you can only do that if you are keeping track of your marketing campaigns. While you produce several Lakeland internet marketing materials in the span of two months, for example, this doesn’t mean that all of these campaigns have reached your target audience. Go back to the drawing board and measure the most successful campaigns you had in the past couple of months. These are the campaigns that you should focus on when it comes to facing a crisis situation in the company. The audience that these campaigns have reached in the past is the same audience that you will try to target in your next campaigns.

This is also why it’s important that your republic relations and marketing department can work cohesively together. They are very critical when a company needs to face crisis situations.