For many web designers, the need to include an image on a webpage is more of a requirement than an actual representation of what the topic is all about. This is what separates good web designers from the lazy ones. A good web designer knows that each image on a Tampa web design must serve a purpose and that the right image can turn a casual visitor into a customer.

When web designers include a photo on a webpage merely to fill up the white space, it doesn’t contribute to what the website is all about. If the photo doesn’t fill the need for web visitors to know more about what was written on the page, they will just ignore the images. This is a waste of space and a waste of an opportunity to hook a casual visitor and make him want to stay longer on the website.

Before using any images on a webpage, you must first determine the purpose that it serves. If it does not serve a purpose, you may want to rethink your decision of posting it in the first place.

Shows Off Products and Services

The primary purpose of an image must be to show off your business’ products and services. If it cannot do that, then it has no use of being on your webpage. So many websites use stock photos that provide no real value to the information being shared by the website. Web visitors ignore these images. It doesn’t do your business well to have a portion of your website ignored by casual visitors.

Provides Information

Does the image help the accompanying text? Does it provide relevant information to the readers? Does it add value to the webpage? No? The purpose of an image should be to aid the text in explaining concepts and propagating information about the business or the advocacy that the website is supporting. If there is no relevant image, you can make use of graphs, charts, and infographics.

Creates Emotional Appeal

An image should speak to the viewers’ emotions. It should trigger something in the web visitors. For example, a casual reader should be able to imagine himself using the product or subscribing to the services that your business is offering. The image on the Tampa web design should be able to evoke that kind of emotion in the visitors. Otherwise, that use of white space will a complete waste.